About BusFIT


BusFIT has been developed especially for drivers. You can do the 30 exercises during work behind the steering wheel. The position of the body can easily be influenced by using steering wheel, backrest and seat. The driver learns how to sit more actively and the BusFIT exercises help him in case of physical complaints of back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and feet.


Drivers can make their own selection from the 30 exercises.


For bus companies we have made a selection of the13 most effective exercises. These are bundled in sets that are easy to carry along while at work.


Major Dutch bus companies such as Veolia, GVB and ARRIVA already provide their workers with BusFIT exercises.


We also arrange one-day workshops for trainers who want to do the exercises with their workers.


BusFIT can be obtained in English as a set of cards.


It is possible to present the exercises in different forms or shapes. If you have any questions, suggestions or wishes, please contact Saskia van der Valk-Romeijn.