About DeskFIT

Ontstaan DeskFIT

DeskFIT has been developed especially for people working at their desks. You don’t need anything but a chair and desk to do your exercises.
The exercises are simple and effective for everybody whether with or without physical complaints.


46 exercises have been divided into 4 categories:

  • Back and neck
  • Shoulders, arms and hands
  • Eyes
  • Abdomen


The book offers simple and clear explanations with pictures for clarification. The exercises can be done without any preparation.
All exercises have an immediate effect and in particular the eye exercises have a great influence on back and neck issues.
And what is great: you can do the exercises without anybody noticing during work or during meetings.
We offer trainings for your employees, but also for trainers who can then arrange workshops within your company.
The DeskFITset with all the exercises on small cards are available in English. The English version of the book DeskFIT will appear later.
You can buy The App DeskFIT with films of the exercises and notification in Dutch in the Appstore. An English version will be available soon.
DeskFIT is already successfully used in several big companies, but it also has many individual users.


Quotes by users of DeskFIT:

  •  DeskFIT is simple and effective
  • The older I get, the more I need DeskFIT to be able to work without physical complaints
  • I had not expected training your body would be that simple
  • This is exactly what I needed, doing my exercises without people noticing
  • I use the breaks in my computer program to do a selection of DeskFIT exercises